Orient Celebes Travel Agency is one of the online Internet travel agency serve & organize traveling and any adventure trip to the remote island of sulawesi and other part of East Indonesia, trekking, rafting, cycling, diving and more package tour.

Orient Celebes Travel|”Leading Your Fascinate Journey”We can provide your a lot of tourist information about; where to go, how to get there and what you expect to see within Sulawesi or ALL EAST INDONESIA regions

Sulawesi is famous for its culture and beautiful natural view. The culture of the Torajan with a hanging grave in the mountain and ceremony for the dead is so unique and nowhere else to be found in the world. The best beaches in Bunaken, Togian island, Taka Bonerate, Wakatobi. The view is dominated by beautiful rice field terraces, coconuts and rain forest as the main occupation of Bugineses is farmer

We aim to give you the widest choice of manyitineraries and tariffs from based on your needs and budgets in your journey at SULAWESI. Or service program can be tailored to the requirements of groups as well as individuals. With the addition of exclusive arrangements for traveling, sight seeing, observation and exploration on nature ofBali LombokFlores SumbaKomodo OrangUtan/BorneoPapua / Irian Jaya and other part of Indonesia

We realize that Package Tour require extensive discussion between traveler and the service provider. Therefore our email is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to answer all of your inquiries in related with any trip about your travel and tour in Sulawesi island : Toraja, Bira Beach, Trekking Mamasa and more. And you can make your last-minute booking confirmation at only after extensive discussions and satisfying all of your queries.

In order to meet the various request and demand of all customers, we have expanded our operation which are not only cover the tough outdoor activities, but much softer trip with much easier access in which all ages of customers could participate. Our trips unveil the magical natural history, wildlife and culture of our ancient land.

We hope that the landscape of Sulawesi will awe you with its diversity and splendor, and that the people will impress you with their ability to move into the modern world, whilst maintaining rituals which have been undertaken for thousands of years.

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