Orient Celebes Travel Agency is a travel agent that serves and organizes your trip. Travel to small islands on the island of Sulawesi to Eastern Indonesia in tour packages such as: trekking, white water rafting, cycling, diving, etc.

Orient Celebes Travel has a mission for your trip, “Prioritizing Travel that is Interesting for You” We can provide a lot of tourist information about; where to go, how to get there and what you can expect to see on the island of Sulawesi or the rest of Eastern Indonesia.

Sulawesi Island is famous for its culture and beautiful natural scenery. One of them is the Toraja culture with hanging graves on the mountains and death ceremonies which are very unique and not found anywhere else. The best beaches in Bunaken, Togian Island, Taka Bonerate, Wakatobi. The scenery is dominated by beautiful views of rice fields, coconut trees and forests as the main occupation of farmers.


We aim to provide you with the best options for itineraries and fares based on your needs and budget for your trip to Sulawesi Island. The service program can be tailored to the needs of groups and individuals. With additional exclusive arrangements for travel, sightseeing, observation and nature exploration in Bali, Lombok/Flores, Sumba/Komodo, Orangutan/Kalimantan, Papua/Irian Jaya, and other parts of Indonesia.

We realize that Tour Packages require discussion between the traveler and the service provider. Therefore our email is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to answer all your questions regarding your travel and tourism on the island of Sulawesi: Toraja, Bira Beach, Trekking Mamasa, and many more. And you can make last minute booking confirmation only after extensive discussion and meeting all your queries.

Especially Tana Toraja Regency which is a cultural and tourism icon which is one of the attractions of the tourism industry. The Toraja tribe is very famous for its nutritional rituals, tongkonan cultural norm houses and wood carvings with meaning in each carving which attracts tourists to get to know the uniqueness and philosophy of the Toraja Tribe.

To meet various requests from all customers, we have expanded our operations to not only include outdoor activities but we have made access easier. Our journey uncovers the natural history, wildlife and culture of ancient lands in tourist attractions.

We hope that the nature of the island of Sulawesi will amaze you with its diversity and splendor and that the people will impress you with their ability to move into the modern world, while maintaining rituals that have been carried out for thousands of years.

Well, this is one of the best options you need to handle your next trip planning.

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