Lake Poso Tentena Central Sulawesi

You want inspiration, rest, and adventure?

Dolidi Ndano Towale can help You.

Dolidi is a cottage at the Posolake in Central Sulawesi. Central Sulawesi has beautiful nature with extensive rainforests, intrigued culture, and a very friendly hospitable population. There are almost no tourists in this part. You can enjoy nature and rest between the old traditions customs.


Restaurant & Cottage Dolidi Ndano Towale


Bungalows at Dolidi Ndano Towale


Cottage Dolidi Ndano Towale

Dolidi is situated next to the rain forest and directs at Lake Poso with its enormous clear water and nice contact temperature.

The lake is 37 kilometre long and 13 kilometre wide and is 500 meters above sea level. Therefore the day-and-night temperature is very pleasant. The cottage has all facilities to guarantee a very pleasant stay.

Near the cottage is the Dolidi restaurant where, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served. Also, you can arrange your own excursions on Dolidi. Dolidi has a traditional boat with a guide and boatsman.


Snorkel-dive trip to Togian Island

Togian is a group of islands between the golf of Tomoni and the Molukkas sea. During your stay at Dolidi, you can make a 3 or more days trip to this paradise.

You’ll stay in Kandidiri Paradise Resort. There is a diving school. This divemaster will bring you to the colorful reefs with a great variety of fish and coral regular groups of dolphins will pass by these reefs.


Note: With this trip you support the project Dolidi Ndano, home for infirm children.