Lore lindu is located in Central – Sulawesi, The National Park Lore Lindu is the only one National Park in Central Sulawesi which scoops three nature energy source conservation are namely: wild animal area Lore Kalamanta 131.000 Ha, rain forest Lindu Lake 31.000 Ha.

Together with three other megaliths and many big stone drums, Palindo – as the stone statue is named – lives in the Bada Valley, which stretches up to 15 kilometers south of Lore Lindu national park. Sungai Lariang runs through the entire valley and is crossed by three hanging bridges. This river, together with its smaller feeding rivers, is used to irrigate the terraced ricefields. Gintu, the capital of the subdistrict Bada, has only a few thousand inhabitants. This village controls the area with its several government buildings, shops, and a handful of televisions. There are about 10.000 people in fourteen villages.

The megaliths in Bada draw a handful of tourists and archeologists. The fierce terrain forms and impressive background for the stone pieces of art. Eroded rows of hills and low mountains at a distance of two kilometers complete the raw gracefulness of the statues. For some, the natural background wasn’t enough. In 1984, the government asked the people in the Bada valley to build a giant wooden house besides Palindo, as well as a vaguely traditional building behind that. They don’t serve a clear purpose. The final blow to the statue is a system of paths around the statue, complete with flat, square stones. There is also a riceshed with a damaged platform under a raised storage. The purpose of the shed is not known, but you can sit down in the shadow and watch the statue from behind.

Lore Lindu Adventure: Birding, Indigenous Cultures, Wildlife, Rainforests