Wildlife Tour and Trekking.

Location : Poso Lake Sorroundings.
Start point : Salukaia Village.
Ending point : Meko Village
3 days and 2 Nights

Tour itineraries :
1 Day Tour.
Start From Tentena/Siuri to Salukaia Village at 7. Arrive and Start to Walk to Katedo’ area. On the way we will find Baliness Temples and Birding trip (morethan 34 Species Birds includ Kingfisher etc). Lunch with lunch box. Next trek to the mountain with 400 M altitude. Walk in Jungle. Hopely, we can see Black Macaca, Knobed Hornbill, and others Birds. At the of the Trek, we will find the Bali Temple Called Pura Puncak in the Jungle. Next Crossing Hanging Bridge Of Meko River and pick up by Car next Back to Tentena/Siuri.

2 Days Tour.
Day 1. Start from tentena/siuri at 7. Arrive in Salukaia village and Start to Walk to Katedo’ area. On the way, we will see Baliness Temples and Birding trip. Lunch with lunch box. Feel the hospitality of the cacao farmers. Visit Bat that stay and hang in the dead tree. Hunting Hornbill and Visit The Rainbow Tree ( Eucalyptus deglupta ). Overnight and diner at Hut of Cacao farmer. At Night, Tarsier Trip.
Day 2.
At 5.30, Tarsier Trip and Sunrise Watch. Next having Breakfast. After breakfast, Start to do the trekking to the Jungle. ( soft trekk with 500 Altitude ). Today, A big Chance to see the Black Macaca, Knobed Hornbill, and others Birds. Aproximately trekk around 5 hours. Lunch with Lunch Box. At the end of the trek, we will find Bali Temple Called Pura Puncak. Spend the time there and pick up by car to go back to tentena/Siuri.

3 days Tour.
More easy, short, but more with Hunting Wildlife. Day per day same with 2 days tour.