Minahasa Highland & Tangkoko National Park

Minahasa Highland

Minahasa, the hinterland of Manado, is extremely mountains (Mt. Klabat the highest peak, stands at 1995 m/ 6000 ft). The upland hills are covered with clove trees, vanilla, rice fields and other crops. This tour will visit some beautiful places of Minahasa. Tinoor, is the first stop made where you can admire the beautiful view of Manado city and its surroundings from 500 m above the sea level. Tomohon, a beautiful flower’s city lies between two active volcanoes with its “Bukit Inspirasi” means “Inspiration Hill” which is used by the Christian Churches gather for meeting or conferences. Linow is a changing color lake at Lahendong Village, Pulutan, a traditional pottery making village, then to the beautiful Lake Tondano As we start to head back towards Manado, the WW II Japanese Caves are a must to visit & explore. Last stop is Lake Linow (the changing color lake), a one of a kind experience
The Volcanological Center in Tomohon is constantly monitoring the three active volcanoes in the area; go there before you climb one of them and get information about the actual state of activity. There are also some photographs from recent eruptions.

Tangkoko National Park

The Tangkoko Nature Reserve is a flora and fauna conservation area on Mount Tangkoko in the district of Bitung in the province of North Sulawesi, about one hour’s drive from Manado. The reserve is particularly attractive for its unique wildlife that can be observed roaming free in the forest.