Bira Beach – White Sandy Beach

Cape of Bira is famous for its beautiful and pleasant white sand beach. Its water is clear and it is good for swimming. In the front side, there is a small island with white sand spreaded along it. This panorama enrich the beauty of the surrounding. White in the back side, soars up “puang Janggo’ mountain with a height of more than 400 meters. It can be reached in 20 minutes by car, or by hiking for approximately 40 minutes.

Bira beach is located approximately 41 km toward the east of Bulukumba city.

Tana Beru

Tana beru is widely known as a place for making traditional boats. In this dry dock, we can see, a great amount of sailing boats are being made in various size, say, from the very huge to the tiny one.

Pinisi Nusantara is one of the greatest sailing boats was also made there. This boat has sailed to the pacific ocean, and the great famous sailing boat is “Amman gappa” which has sailed till Madagaskar