Papua Bird Watching 9 Days – 8 Nights

Tour Details

Program Bird Watching


Day 01 :

Arrival Day in Jayapura – Nimbokrang village. In the Morning arrive at Sentani airport of Jayapura, capital town of Papua, direct overland for about two hours only to Nimbokrang village. Birding on the way is possible. Arrive at your simple homestay at Nimbokrang village. Lunch at your homestay. Birding activity in the afternoon. Dinner and stay overnight at your homestay.


Day 02 :

Nimbokrang Birding Trip. At 05.00 am, Papua time, after an early b`fast, depart for birding at km 8 by your private car, then hikes with your experience local birding tour guide and crews try to reach the area of pale billed sicklebill, blue black kingfisher, victoria crowned pigeon, shovel billed kingfisher, etc. By lunch time back to your homestay. After lunch continue birding till 06.00 pm. Dinner and stay overnight at your homestay.


Day 03 :

Nimbokrang Birding Trip. At 05.00 am, Papua time, after an early b`fast, depart to former lodging location to reach the location of Twelve Wired Bird of Paradise, shovel billed kingfisher, blue black kingfisher, coconut lorikeet and papuan imperial pigeon. Back to your homestay for lunch. In the afternoon, continue birding to search the torrent flycathcer and papuan blits hornbill etc. Back to your homestay around 06.00 PM. Dinner and stay overnight at your homestay.


Day 04 :

Nimbokrang Birding Trip – Sentani town. Still same time, at 05.00 am, leave for your last half day heading to Om Alex birding location to search the area of king Bird of Paradise, Lesser Bird of Paradise, Electus parrot, manikins, sacred kingfisher etc. Back to your homestay for lunch then prepare to drive back to Sentani town. Dinner and stay at Grand Alison hotel at Sentani town.


Day 05 :

Sentani – Manokwari – Arfak Syoubri. Morning after b`fast, at 08.00 am proceed to Sentani airport for your flight to Manokwari town, a capital town of West Papua. Upon arrival at Manokwari town, you will be meet with our crews with four wheel drive to bring us to Arfak Syoubri. The trip with four wheel drive spend about 2,5 hours along the mountain road with high elevation up to 2000 metres above sea level. Arrive at Syoubri village in the afternoon. Birding on the way is possible. Dinner and stay overnight at Zeth guesthouse. Basic condition.


Day 06 :

Birding trip activity. Morning at 05.00 am after having b`fast, with your experience local bird tour guide crews, trek to western parotia location. Located behind the Syoubri village on elevation 1700 meters from sea level with challenge trail up but exciting. Then around 09.00 am, trekk down back to Syoubri village for to continue your birding activity till lunch time. After lunch try to reach the area of Magnificent Bird of Paradise. Back to your guest house around 05.30 pm. Dinner and stay overnight at your guest house.


Day 07 :

Birding trip activity then up to Sicklebill location. Wake up early morning, then start trekk up to Black sicklebill location at elevation 2600 meters from sea level. On the way up sto at location of Superb Bird of Paradise, Paradigala, Papuan Pita etc. By lunch time you will reach one of the Top of Arfak mountain where you will stay overnight at your tend built by your crews. Birding activity around your sleeping location till in the evening. Dinner at your tend.


Day 08 :

Birding activity – Syoubri village – Manokwari town. Early morning wake up then move close walk to Black sicklebill location and Arfak Astraphia teritorry. Then trek down to Syoubri village while birding on the way. Arrive by lunch time at Syoubri village, then prepare for driving back to Manokwari town. Birding on the way still possible to do, try to search Bowerbird and vogelkop whistler. Dinner and stay overnight at Aston niu Manokwari.


Day 09 :

Manokwari – Sorong town – Birding to Makbon area Transfer to Rendani airport of Manokwari for your flight to Sorong town. Upon arrive at Sorong town, lunch at local restaurant, then continue birding.